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Danny sulked quietly for two hours until a Goth girl came into his room. She looked way better than a few days ago, her hair was down and she was wearing black pants with a green and purple shirt, a quite unusual mix of colours.

Sam walked over to Danny; he buried his face deeper into the feathery soft pillow that was covered by a blue coloured cover which was wet with Danny's salty tears.


"Leave me alone!" Danny mumbled over the pillow.

"It's okay Danny. I'm not going to hurt you."

Danny pouted while still with his head resting deep within the pillow. "I left you twice for Phantom and you are willing to forgive me?"

Sam sighed in an annoyed tone then sat down on Danny's bed next to his leg. "Danny, I forgive you for what you have done and I apologize."

Danny's sulking stopped, he raised his head from his pillow quite fast, and he was confused with Sam's apology. He had a very confused look on his face.

"Wait, what? I don't understand."

Sam looked down and smiled. "I know that you were only testing me."

"Testing you with what?" Danny asked sitting up properly.

Sam giggled a little with a hand over mouth. "Well, you were testing out my anger and you succeeded."

"But, why aren't you made at me?"

"Because I realised how angry I would get if either me or you did the wrong thing in our relationship."

Danny assumed that Sam thought that they broke up, but it looks like she didn't. So Danny went with the flow to make sure that Sam wouldn't get mad at him again.

"Oh, must have been then. Well, I'm sorry too Sam. For how I acted and behaved like that to you. I wasn't thinking straight."

Sam folded her arms and smirked at him. "It must have been the hormones raising inside of you that were causing the tension."

Danny had actually realised that there was actually tension in their relationship after all, but he thought Phantom looked a lot cuter and hotter than Sam and Paulina combined. Unfortunately, he knew all too well that Phantom was either after him or killing himself. He couldn't do anything to save the one he truly loved.

Sam twirled her fingers around each other while looking down at the ground, thinking of what she should do next, she a vague smile on her face.


Danny cocked his head and looked at Sam and waited for what Sam was going to say to him next.

She had a devilish and desire look on her face as she turned her head to see him, Danny looked a little worried. He moved back but only very slow so Sam wouldn't think that he was moving away. She grinned a devilish smile then jumped onto Danny and held his arms back sinking into the bed.

"Danny, let's do it." She demanded.

"Oh, uh well maybe later in life like maybe when we get married or when we're legally allowed to do this-"

Danny couldn't finish the sentence; his lips were smothered with purple lipstick and a small drenched tongue waiting for entry into Danny's mouth. He tried to break free, but Sam's hands were too strong for his weak strength. She rubbed one of her knees against his crotch and that's when it hit her. She realised that Danny wasn't turned on.

"Danny? Why isn't your-you know, not going up?"

Danny had enough of this, he sat up and looked at her with an annoyed expression.

"I'm not in the mood, I told you that!"

Sam gasped at his behaviour, but didn't hesitate to yell and get mad at him again.

She spoke with an innocent voice. "But, why not?"

"I'm just, tired that's all. I need energy if I want to do this with you."

Sam smiled then got off the bed and walked towards the door. "Alright Danny, I'll see you in the morning. Just remember, I'm your first and last." She claimed while having a devil like smile on her face as she left and closed the door behind her.

Danny looked up at the sound of those words being said, he felt worried but he wanted to find Phantom and apologize. But like he said before, he was tired. So he slept for the rest of the night.

He didn't realise that his alarm clock was set; he was startled by the loud beeping sound only inches away from his irritated ears. He clenched his fist then turned it off; thank god it was only Saturday, only one day left until his 16th.

As he went downstairs still wearing his purple pyjamas, he was worried if Sam had remembered what she had told him last night. He was certain that she didn't forget and why would he even doubt it? It wouldn't even make him feel better than he really was now.

"Morning Danny boy!" His father called out from the living room sewing a little cushion up.

Danny yawned and looked at his Dad sitting brightly and cheerfully with the blinds almost open all the way and making Danny's pupils shrink fast.

But of course they came back to normal size as he entered the slightly dark kitchen where Jazz was fully dressed and rushing her breakfast, she almost spilled her oats all over the table.

Danny got out his breakfast which was his usual toast with a little bit of butter and as soon as he sat down, Jazz looked up then ran to her brother to give him a kiss goodbye. By the time you knew it, she was already out the door and revving her engine to get to her college studies at the library.

Danny sighed as he cut the hot crunchy bread in half; a small amount of melted butter fell onto the plate. Danny's stomach growled at him as he watched the butter ooze onto the small white plate.

"Alright stomach, I'll eat already!" He shouted at his stomach.

He gobbled his breakfast down then dashed back upstairs to get dressed and leave before Sam could get there and try to be Danny's first.

While Danny was midway through putting his jeans on, he heard a loud knock on the front door. He could hear this because he had left his door pretty much wide open.

"Oh shit! I have to hurry!" he claimed.

He rushed to his drawer to find his plain white socks and at that very same time, Sam was chatting a little to his father about the cushion he was making.

"Oh shucks girl, just go up and see your boyfriend before he starts making wild jokes about his ghost half."

Sam giggled with a hand over mouth. "Well, actually first I wanted to ask you something very important."

Jack leaned down next to Sam to hear her more clearly.

Sam stepped back a few long inches. "Uh, personal space please?"

"Oh, well uh I'm not sure about personal space. It has nothing to do with ghosts-"

"That's not what I meant; I meant what's going to happen now that Danny doesn't have ghost powers?"

"That's easy girl, Maddie and I will help the town rid of those stupid ghosts!" he announced in a proud tone.

Sam looked away in humiliation then ran upstairs to find Danny.

Meanwhile, Danny was running all around his room to find his shoes but it was too late, he already heard Sam calling for him and running closer. Danny panicked then ran out the door and within seconds of Sam darting the corner to get to his room.

"Danny." She called as she slammed open the door.

She scanned the room, she got worried and confused. She called out his name once more but nothing moved. As she searched all around his room, Danny rushed down into the lab before his father could spot him. At that moment, he wondered where his mum would be.

Danny opened up the portal and rushed into it, with Maddie just arriving into the lab to go into the ghost zone herself.
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Danny Phantom (C) Butch Hartman
Story (C) Me
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Sam, r u really so desperate? xD
Great chapter. I like reading something where Danny's not attacked all of the time by some silly fruit loops, crazy girlfriends or his mother :wormnomnom:
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aha, wonder what chapter that'll be... XD
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