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Summary of Story in Description*

Chapter 1 – Confessions

In the daytime, she was Marinette, but when evil were to arise...she would become Ladybug. She had a secret identity as a 15 year old school girl who lived in a bakery with her French father and Chinese mother. She had a best friend called Alya who was obsessed with Ladybug and ran her own blog on her. But the most important thing in her life was her huge crush on Adrien.

Adrien Agreste, a rich 15 year old blonde who was a model, and really good at fencing, but secretly, he was also Chat Noir.

Together in their alter egos, Ladybug and Chat Noir would fight together to battle off the evil akumas led by Hawkmoth, an evil man with the power to change harmless butterflies into akumas and possess the weak and angry minded.

However, there was one thing they didn't know about each other...and that was who they both really were. Adrien had no idea that it his crush Ladybug, was really Marinette, and Marinette didn't know that she was around her crush a lot more often than she thought when he was Chat Noir.

Since neither two knew who each other really were, feelings were not reciprocated to. Ladybug had always ignored Chat Noir's flirtations and charm because of her crush on Adrien, while Adrien didn't take much notice to Marinette because he had a huge crush on Ladybug, although he was still kind to her since it was in his nature to be nice to others, unless they did the wrong thing.

It was another day in Paris; another akuma was captured and cleansed of the evil power it possessed as a result of Hawkmoth. Ladybug had just finished waving goodbye to the butterfly when Chat approached from behind, scaring her playfully, unfortunately this made her jump and almost whack him in the face with her yo-yo, but sighed in relief and moaned in annoyance that he scared her.

"Don't worry, it's only me." He assured her, resting his hands on Ladybug's upper arms with an adoring smile.

Ladybug brushed them off with a scoff before smirking and then hearing her earrings beep in warning that her transformation was going to wear off, she gasped immediately and proceeded to say goodbye to Chat for the night, but then he quickly grabbed her hand.

"I have to go; my transformation will wear off soon." She exclaimed, covering one of her earrings with her hand as it beeped again.

"I know." He said, before he heard his ring beep in warning that his transformation will wear off soon. "And so will mine, but I just need to tell you something."

Ladybug was in a hurry to get out of his sight so that he wouldn't see who she really was, she only had two spots left before her transformation would wear off and turn her back into Marinette. She let this moment slide before her earrings reached one spot.

"Okay but please make it quick, I don't think either of should us see who we really are..." She replied, biting her lip and looking down anxiously.

Chat sighed; he knew that this would happen again. Ladybug would either come up with an excuse or their transformation would be minutes away from reverting them back to their original forms. He wanted to tell her how much he loved her but could never pick a right time, and earlier that year Valentine's Day didn't go the way he had hoped it would turn out to be.

"It's never a good time for us, is it?" He asked, with a lowered head and sound of feeling rejected.

Ladybug looked to the side, not wanting to see Chat like this, but yet it occurred to her every time they encountered each other for a battle. It made her feel awkward and uncomfortable, she adored the fact that someone liked her in return but she had her heart set on Adrien so she had to ignore.

"No, it never is." She replied almost bluntly, looking down to avoid the saddened expression on the Black Cat's face.

He sighed, relaxing his shoulders a little, feeling that today was another loss but at the same time another victory. With the sound of another beep from Ladybug's earrings, she waved goodbye and thanked him for helping her with the battle and then swang from building to building until she was out of sight.

Chat looked down, wanting to transform now but knew that he was standing on top of the roof of a tall building. So he quickly leapt down and hid somewhere so his transformation could be released without being seen, with a flash of bright light gradually moving upwards and around his body made Chat Noir turn back into Adrien.

Adrien walked home feeling rejected, although the only thing that made him feel that way was the amount of time he couldn't spend alone with Ladybug. He couldn't tell her tonight, he had to find a way to spend time with her without it to do with a battle, they never did patrols because of their busy personal lives, but perhaps it was something for him to consider.

The next day at school, Adrien was looking a little down, and his best friend Nino was the first to catch on to it.

"Hey, what's making you down Adrien? Let me guess, it's your father again?" He asked, assuming so because of how strict Adrien's father was.

Adrien sighed and moved his pencil around on the table, thinking about Ladybug while at the same time trying to listen to what the teacher was saying during the lesson. It wasn't until Nino asked him a second time that Adrien responded.

"I'm fine; it's just complicated to talk about right now." He answered in a glum tone.

Nino gave a concerned look to his friend, but then shrugged it off as he continued to focus on the lesson.

Meanwhile Marinette and her best friend Alya were sitting behind them and had seen Adrien looking depressed and not really motivated to do anything. Both girls, especially Marinette felt concerned for him, but didn't know whether this should be a situation they could help him with or have him figure it out on his own. They didn't know exactly what the problem was, but Marinette especially knew that something wasn't right with him today.

"I think it's just his father being strict on him again, you shouldn't worry too much." Alya concluded, after thinking about why Adrien would be feeling so down during class.

Marinette shrugged; from how Adrien was behaving it did seem like whatever situation he was in it was serious. Perhaps it was family matters between him and his father, she thought. So she shrugged it off and continued with the lesson.

That day there had been no akuma attacks, so Adrien decided to take advantage of this likely opportunity to spend time with Ladybug. Unfortunately he could only contact her if he was as Chat Noir, and in order to see her face during a call she would have to be Ladybug. There had been an idea Adrien's kwami Plagg had suggested about lying about an akuma attack, but Adrien didn't want to lie to her.

"Plagg, I can't do that to her. I can see more bad things happening if I do that." He exclaimed with a serious expression.

Plagg, holding a small piece of cheese, floated in front of Adrien with concern but yet a small hint of a smile.

"Why don't you just call her, say you love her through that?" He suggested, almost gagging after saying the word 'love' but then eating his piece of cheese.

Adrien sighed and walked up to his window, leaning his head and arm against it as he felt like there was no way of just being able to talk to Ladybug and admit his feelings to her.

"I don't want her to know like that. I need to see her reaction." He implied, looking up at the now sunset coloured sky above the buildings.

He heard his little kwami sigh, indicating that he was going to say something that wouldn't make him feel any better. "You know, Ladybug doesn't really share the same feelings as you, I can tell."

Narrowing his eyes, Adrien glared at his kwami. "What makes you think you know her better than I do? You don't know that."

Plagg rolled his eyes as he sat down on Adrien's bed. "Look, how about you tell her and then we'll see if she returns the same feelings as you. But since you are the unlucky one, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't." He implied, crossing his arms.

Knowing his kwami was right about one thing, he sighed and nodded. "I guess you're right, but you don't really know until you try." He ended, feeling more determined towards the end of the sentence.

An hour later, Marinette was doing her homework with her kwami Tikki's help when Tikki felt a buzz ring through her body.

"I think Chat Noir is calling you." She implied, as she began to buzz more like a vibrating phone.

Dropping her pen and clearing her throat, she told Tikki to take the call so she could respond to him. She grew curious and concerned as to why he was calling her at this time.

"Chat Noir? What's going on?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

Through Tikki's antennae, Marinette was able to hear Chat Noir's every word.

"Could you come to the top of the Eiffel Tower? I need you there." He requested.

Marinette widened her eyes but then folded her arms in thinking this was just a silly prank or something. "Why so? Is there an akuma attack and you need my help?" She asked with a smirk.

"I can't say, but I can say that it involves your help. See you there." He replied, sounding slightly anxious.

Before asking any more questions, Chat hung up on her and left her confused and suspicious. It left Tikki deeply worried that he might be in trouble.

"We should go, just in case if he gets captured or gets hurt." Tikki insisted.

Hanging her arm over the back of the chair, she looked down in thought. "I don't know...if it's not an akuma attack then he really doesn't need my help."

"It's best to regret doing something than not doing it." Tikki implied with a smirk and a wink.

Marinette sighed, and agreed with her kwami. "Alright Tikki, spots on!"

With a brilliant flash of white light, Marinette was transformed into Ladybug; she then left her room and made her way to the Eiffel Tower by swinging from building to building with her yo-yo.

Meanwhile, Chat was on the top of the Eiffel Tower eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ladybug, he grew so nervous, but could hear from his kwami inside him that he had to remain calm and expect any outcome that was to occur. He silently nodded, moving closer towards the edge of the small top and looking down to see Ladybug at the bottom of the Eiffel tower, moving up the Eiffel Tower with her yo-yo.

"Okay, this is it. I have to tell her. No matter what outcome, she needs to know." He whispered to himself, almost clenching his fists in deep worry that she wouldn't return the same feelings and reject him.

Another swing of her yo-yo and Ladybug was on the top of the Eiffel tower with Chat Noir. Her immediate response to the scene was a raised eyebrow of confusion and suspicion.

"Why did you call me up here? There's no danger." She said, looking around with her yo-yo still gripped in her hand.

Sitting up, Chat approached Ladybug with a caring smile. "I need your help with something."

Almost less than a metre away from her, she started to feel cautious of why he was going to close to her. Her immediate thought was to playfully brush off any flirtation he would give her if it was that situation. But the expression and look in his neon green eyes made her think that this was all too serious to be fun and games.

"With what?" She asked, in a more suspicious tone. "What did you do?"

He grabbed her hand; he gripped it tightly as he looked into her sparkling blue eyes. She felt her heart race at the touch of his hand on hers made her stomach tighten. She wanted to let go, but with the look of deep care and adoration swept across Chat Noir's face, she couldn't.

Hearing her question, he wanted to answer but creatively. Not saying it in reply would change the moment and shoot him down. So, looking deep into her eyes, he answered her question.

"I fell in love with you."

Ladybug's eyes widened, she let go of his hand and backed away a few steps, not showing any indication of sudden movement, which made Chat feel less anxious about her reaction, but yet he still worried since she had only given him a shocked expression.

He approached her, but she put her hand out telling him to stay where he was.

She knew it to be true from the moment he started to flirt with her, but she had never expected her heart to race a million miles when she heard the words from him. All the flirtation she thought it was how he acted around girls, since he seemed like that kind of guy who would be flirting with many girls.

Someone loved her, someone loved Marinette...but it wasn't the person she wanted to be fallen in love with. She loved Adrien, more than she could love anyone else. Yet the saddened and worried look in the black cat's eyes made her heart drop in guilt and make her stomach churn in feelings of wanting to be with him, yet her mind reminded her who she loved.

"I..." She stuttered, backing further away from Chat. "I...can't love you the same way."

Knowing that his kwami was right to expect any sort of outcome, he reluctantly sighed and nodded in an understanding. Although he had high hopes that everything would turn out okay and they would be together, somehow his doubts were heavier than his hopes, and made him sit on the ledge and close his eyes, not wanting to hear or see anymore so he would feel less pain.

However, curiosity had sparked in his mind the moment she said that, perhaps there was someone else? Or the fact that she was too busy? Or that she found him to be more of a brother to him than someone closer and more intimate? His thoughts ran wild, he needed to know why at least, so then he would know exactly why she didn't return his feelings and understand.

"Why?" He asked, not facing her as she sat on the ledge a little way's distance from him, but still able to hear him.

She looked down, all she saw was how high up the two of them were. Somehow there was only a small breeze from being this high up from the ground, it wasn't very cold, but looking at Chat Noir she could see that her words made him feel colder emotionally.

Biting her lip, and knowing that he would ask because she knew how curious he was about her life, she had to tell him the truth. But she would only mention Adrien's name if she really needed to.

"I can't feel the same way about you because...I love someone else."

Suddenly, heat and the boiling of jealousy inside of him wanted to explode all over. He held back, not wanting to delve deeper into her life as it was her life and not his, and she had the right to say what she wanted to say. He didn't want his emotions getting in the way of their friendship.

He wanted to know who this other person was, more than anything at that very moment. But he had to hold back for his own sake and hers, he didn't want to ask but it was driving his mind wild with a million thoughts racing through his mind.

She looked at him, seeing the conflict within him to stop him from asking more. It made her heart sink heavily and made her look away for a short moment, thinking about whether she should help him or leave him for the night.

As Chat heavily breathed, trying to fight his curiosity, he heard what he wasn't expecting but at the same time he was begging to know.

"If you need to know...his name is Adrien..." She answered, hiding her face slightly, worried that now Chat might react badly.

Almost jumping and falling off the tower in response to his secret identity name, Chat's neon green eyes lit up with excitement, devastation, and pure shock. He wasn't sure what to say to her after hearing that she may like his counterpart, but he didn't want to jump to conclusions just yet. There could be many other people in Paris named Adrien that she may love, and he didn't know where she lived so she could live out of town for all he knows, he couldn't be certain that she was talking about his counterpart.

He decided to think about it overnight. So he thanked Ladybug for telling him while she apologised for upsetting him deeply. He assured her that he'll recover in time and disappeared into the night, leaving Ladybug alone and deeply worried for her crime fighting partner.
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Yay I've been wanting to do a MB FanFic since I started reading FanFics about it! :w00t: I am just so in love with this show right now that I can't contain it! I am so glad to enter a fandom with a show that is still running and has one of my favourite main themes to  show :love: I can't wait to see how this FanFic turns out.

So, here's the description: 

Ladybug and Cat Noir struggle to confess to their crushes about their feelings, jealousy, excitement, determination and shock will come to them. Meanwhile Hawkmoth has a plan that could finish Ladybug and Cat Noir once and for all, and possibly reveal their secret identities.

And yes, I am working on the Cars FanFic as well, don't worry I'm not giving up on it. This is just something I've been working on the side :aww: I haven't worked out an uploading schedule for this so you'll just have to wait and see ;)

Miraculous Ladybug (C) Thomas Astruc/Zagtoon
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