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New OC Melinda by DeannaPhantom13 New OC Melinda by DeannaPhantom13
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And after the long wait you guys finally get the new OC! And here's the bio for you! :aww:

Name: Melinda Claire Boston
Age: 16
Ethnicity: American
Gender: Female
Birthday: October 7th (Libra)
Species: Human
Family: Joseph (Father) & Rebecca (Mother)

Occupation/role: Student (10th Grade), Learning Surfer
Orientation: Straight
Relationship status: Taken (Boyfriend will be introduced later on)

Personality:  Gets most of her personality from her father but gained most of her looks from her mother's side of the family (eyes, hair colour). She is very outgoing and friendly to most people but does brag about herself quite a bit, when it comes to games, she is very competitive and strives to achieve the best in life, she can become easily distracted at times, logical, expressive, neat, unreliable, energetic but mainly laid back and lazy, harmonious, loud at times, likeable, very loyal when it comes to friends, indecisive and dishonest at times.

Likes: Surfing, catching up with friends (especially old ones), making jewellery, reading graphic novels, fishing, swimming, being active, dancing, equality and balance, being perfect, receiving gifts, being outdoors (sometimes likes being concealed inside a house), being at the beach, doing yoga, watching storms over the ocean, beach-like colours (such as yellow, orange, turquoise, aqua and blue), hot days, the summer season, getting a tan, making new friends, desserts (such as chocolate cake and chocolate mousse), mint ice cream, sharing with others, watching the night sky, pasta dishes, tropical drinks, being involved, listening to new wave music and playing video games.

Dislikes: Being pressured into making a decision quickly, being criticised, cloudy days, lovey-dovey songs, loud noises, not being able to focus, violence, disharmony, being cornered, brutality, loud arguments, living in a busy place (such as the city), cold days, winter season, grain bars, feeling left out, mess, wearing enclosed shoes, being wrong about something, losing a game, being told what to do, things being unbalanced, colours red and black, show offs, girly girls (neat freaks also), feeling useless, people with really pale skin, really spicy foods, people who are fake (people that get plastic surgery, use excessive make up and dye their hair a lot) and singing

Bio: Born in the city of Amity Park when her parents were around the age of 24, she had much blonde hair on her head as a baby. Her eyes were a deep blue and she was more of a silent child in her first few months until she had began to grow more rapidly into a young toddler. She learned how to walk much quicker than she did talking, this was because she had inherited her father's speech pattern when he was a child, and that she had been born with long legs, walking came more naturally to Melinda more than talkng did. Once she had begun to talk a little better, she had craeted her own little language to speak with to her toys in which her parents couldn't understand. She had a very strong connection to her mother in her first few years of her life, every night her mother would read her stories while on occasions her father would talk about the beach. 

At the age of 5, she had begun school and felt like the first few weeks were really difficult for her. She tried to make friends but everyone else seemed very shy towards her, and she didn't realise that her personality was almost fully developed by this point. Her dancing skills were beginning to show during dancing classes, she had begun to hate singing when she had tried it in her 2nd year of school. After a month or so trying to make friends in her first year of school, she was finally fortunate enough to make four friends that she'd invite over to play with and they would do the same. As a young child she had pale skin and her true eye colour was beginning to show, she liked wearing her hair up or at least have some sort of accessory in her hair. Her grades in school were in the B range but there were times where her speech problems would get her C's and sometimes lower, but her practical work as well as written work kept her grade up.

For her 8th birthday, she had gotten her ears pierced because she was very fond of jewellery since she was 7 and saw a necklace that one of her friends wore, her hair was beginning to turn to a more golden colour as she had spent most of her time outside and this was when her skin began to darken slowly. She had outdoor swimming lessons and enjoyed pushing her boundaries by jumping of higher diving boards and going into deeper water buts she was eventually thrown out of the swimming club because of this and was not able to learn anymore swimming. She had tried several other sports such as netball, soccer and basketball. But felt that she'd be better if her sport involved water because she was so good at swimming despite being a daredevil at such a young age. But by the age of 10, she was able to regain her swimming lessons but this time in the ocean, and it wasn't long later that she had discovered her liking for surfing and began surfing lessons a year later. Before she had lived a full decade, she discovered many new things about herself like what things she hated and liked and what she was good at. She had felt a strong connection with the water more than she did when she was swimming at the age of 8.

When Melinda had completed the first decade of her life, things were beginning to get more difficult for her when she saw that her friends were growing up faster than her, and had asked about why this was happening to her friends. Her parents gave her the "talk" at age 12 when she had only growth spurts and nothing else. She was struggling to fit in once she found out that her mother didn't start fully growing until the age of 13 and her father until the age of 14, and by the end of her elementary school she had become a complete stranger to everyone as her friends and many others began to mature and grow more body parts than she did, Melinda was still flat chested by the end of her last year of elementary school. Her grades had started to go down but not fast enough for her to fail and repeat her grade so she was sucessful by a satisfactory resulty on her last report card to graduate and go to middle school.

This is where she had started the next stage of her education at Casper High as a 7th grader. Still lonely from her previous year of school, she was on the lookout for new friends and was unlucky to find anyone until the 2nd term she was partnered up with a girl of the same age with long orange-red hair due to an assigment they had to do which involved partners. This was where she had met a friend who would turn out to be a lifelong friend, this girl's name was Jasmine, or Jazz for short. Jazz was first very formal but grew very friendly towards Melinda as they began to share their time together during lunch and snack breaks, their friendship had only began to get stronger from that day on. She and Jazz got along very well, they were both prepubescent and had common interests. And it was during this year that Melinda was finally beginning to grow more into a teenager as she turned 13 that year, and noticed that Jazz had began to grow taller than Melinda as well as mature quicker than her. Melinda struggled to keep up but understood the meaning of patience by this point so she waited for the right moment until she would also become more mature just like Jazz.

When it came to love, Melinda had always grew very shy when it came to talking to the most outgoing guys, she had managed to sneak in her first kiss with the most popular guy in school named Dylan but later found out that the kiss was only a dare played on Dylan by his teasing friends, so she began to grow a hatred towards the most popular and outgoing boys. Though the much more nicer guys had tried to be a good boyfriend for her, she didn't dare to take another risk so she remained single.

But unfortunately, both Jazz's and Melinda's parents shared many differences and would almost always argue about their difference and who is the better parent. Even though Melinda tried her best to calm these heated arguments down, her parents kept their daughter out of this. And anytime Melinda had visited the Fenton's house, she would find a cute 11 year old boy named Danny who she grew very fond of whenever she came over to see Jazz, she found Jazz's younger sister very strange and unique as she saw the 10 year old brown haired girl named Carol always trying new things and impersonating her father, and although she was an adorable child, Melinda found it hard to keep track of Carol. And their parent's arguments became more and more serious and loud enough to grasp the children's attention. It was at this point that her parents considered the Fentons to be a bad influence on their daughter, they only considered the parents to be a bad influence but also Carol due to her strange behaviour but did not mind Jazz and Danny because they were always the odd ones out.

Melinda's parents had decided to move away from Amity Park midway through Melinda's starting teen years (age of 13, turning 14 in 2 months). And since her father had always valued the beach more than anything they had decided to move there in a different state to Amity Park. Melinda had pleaded with her parents to stay for the sake of Melinda's strong friendship with Jazz and her affection towards Jazz's younger brother but her parents told her that the Fentons were a bad influence regardless of Jazz's strong friendship with her, so they had moved to another state which was mainly consisted of beaches and was famous for surfing which did intrigue Melinda but it didn't stop her saddness and anger towards her parents for dragging her away from her one and only friend. And it was only then that she had realised that she had developed a crush on Jazz's younger brother

After a year or two, she had taken up proper surfing lessons and had decided to move on from Jazz but still keep in touch over the phone, her crush for Danny still remained constant regardles of where she was and that Danny was nearly 2 years younger than her. She had decided to make new friends at her new school, she had eventually suceeded in making two very close friends called Hayley and Tamara who also enjoyed surfing just as much as Melinda did. And at the age of 15, her hormones were developing and making her have strong romantic feelings to a teenage boy of 16 named Jake. Jake was a confident and slim looking guy that had short brown hair that went just past his ears. They had shared many classes together, but Melinda's shyness got the best of her which sheilded her confidence almost all the time. Melinda was only able to say hi to Jake from time to time, but on Valentine's Day she had recieved something that made her feel very bubbly inside, she had received a love letter from a secret admirer. She had later found out this to be Jake, and began to see that Jake did indeed have feelings for her. It was from that day forth that she and Jake grew closer and closer by the day and by the end of June they were officially a couple.

Until this day Melinda has still kept in touch with Jazz from time to time, she had moved on from her Danny crush, and she had advanced quickly in her surfing skills as she began to take yoga classes to help her relax when she had a rush of schoolwork. Melinda had grown very attached to the beach and although she still shared a strong bond with Jazz, Melinda didn't feel the need to go back to Amity Park.
*pants* There.... *pants* Phew....*pants* All done... :faint:

So, what do you guys think of Melinda? Is she good or what? Because I certainly think so! :D

Melinda (C) Meh :P
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